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Teddy Boucle Fabric Sage Green 2 Seater Jaquetta Accent Sofa

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• Unique U-shaped base for stability and style
• Sage green upholstery for a serene colour addition
• Rounded backrest with matching cushions included
• Featuring the teddy boucle fabric for a soft, textured finish
• Sculptural design that blends modern and classic elements

The Teddy Boucle Fabric Sage Green 2 Seater Jaquetta Accent Sofa is upholstered in a green-coloured teddy boucle fabric, giving it a soft and textured appearance. The fabric's curly nature adds depth and a comfortable feel to the sofa's surface. The design of the sofa features a rounded backrest and a cushioned seat that provides a welcoming seating experience. The 2 seater configuration offers ample seating space.

The sofa's overall style combines modern design with a nod to classic elements, evident in its curved lines and simplistic form. The armrests gently slope downwards, merging with the structure of the sofa. The backrest and armrests are padded with high-density foam, and the Jaquetta comes with accent cushions to match.

The sofa's profile features the unique structure of the base, which is both an innovative support feature and a of modern design element that is sure to stand out. The U-shaped base not only supports the sofa but also adds to its design-forward appearance, giving the illusion of a floating seat while ensuring stability.

The sofa's sage green upholstery hue makes it a perfect choice for colour-coordinated spaces as well as living rooms and bedrooms in need of additional colour. The Jaquetta Sofa is a blend of comfort and understated style, making it a suitable choice for those looking for a piece that combines modern design with the inviting warmth of traditional furnishings.

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  • Height: 76 cm
  • Width: 130 cm
  • Depth: 76 cm