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Fabric Green Patchwork 2 Seater Scroll Arm Chesterfield Portofino Sofa

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• Fun and loud green patchwork upholstery
• Comes with two matching accent cushions
• Built on hardwood frame with dense foam padding
• Combination of contemporary design and classic silhouette
• Elegant scroll arms adorned with decorative studding and low back for a sleek profile

Patchwork items vary in layout but keep the same overall design.

The Fabric Green Patchwork 2 Seater Scroll Arm Chesterfield Portofino Sofa is a vibrant contemporary piece that brings a burst of colour and modernity to any living room. Upholstered in a polyester patchwork fabric, this sofa offers a unique aesthetic that combines the classic Chesterfield design with an eclectic mix of patterns on a rich green background.

Constructed on a sturdy hardwood frame, this sofa is designed for both durability and comfort. The high-density foam padding on the seat and backrest ensures a cosy seating experience, perfect for long hours of relaxation or socializing. Black wooden legs provide a stark contrast to the lively upholstery, grounding the piece with a touch of traditional elegance. The sofa's silhouette is complimented by decorative studding along the front of the scroll arms, adding an element of sophistication to its loud patterned appearance.

Completing the look of the Portofino Sofa are the accent cushions that come with it, echoing the fun patchwork theme. These cushions enhance the comfort factor while reinforcing the sofa's loud and lively design statement. The 2 seater arrangement makes it easy to fit this sofa into smaller spaces, while it can also be a part of a larger ensemble. Perfect for those who appreciate a fun, modern twist on traditional furniture, this sofa is sure to be a conversation starter and a beloved addition to any home.

All Love Sofas products are handcrafted and the exact size of the item may vary slightly. Due to the patchwork nature of the design, the layout and distribution of patterns may differ from the promotional pictures, making each piece a unique creation. Our items are photographed under bright studio lights, and may appear slightly darker in different environments. All of our items are fully compliant with UK fire regulations meant for personal use.


  • Height: 79 cm
  • Width: 186 cm
  • Depth: 94 cm