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Leather Air Suede Black 2 Seater Brindisi Sofa

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• Compact 2-seater size
• Plush foam-filled cushions
• Clean and modern silhouette
• Additional bolster cushions included
• Decorative seating cushion buttoning
• Upholstered in durable leather air fabric

The Leather Air Suede Black 2 Seater Brindisi Sofa features clean lines and a simple, yet sleek design. This range is the perfect blend of effortless elegance and contemporary comfort, providing a modern aesthetic that adds style to your living room.

The sofa comes with foam-filled seating cushions, backrest, and arms for adequate seating support. The seating cushion additionally features decorative buttoning, adding a touch of visual interest to the overall design. The inclusion of bolster cushions complements the sofa's overall aesthetic. Upholstered in durable leather air fabric, this sofa offers a cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative to real leather. The suede effect finish not only adds visual interest but also evokes the charm of distressed leather, creating a unique and inviting appeal. Thanks to this, the Leather Air Suede Black 2 Seater Brindisi Sofa is sure to fit perfectly with both contemporary, and old-fashioned interiors.

With its refined features, this sofa seamlessly adapts to various settings. The matching straight black legs not only provide stability but also contribute to the clean, modern look that resonates with contemporary design preferences. Its versatile upholstery also allows it to shine in homes with diverse aesthetics. Crafted on a sturdy wooden frame, this sofa ensures both durable comfort and enduring style. The compact 2 seater design suits smaller spaces while offering flexibility to be part of a larger ensemble.

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  • Height: 81 cm
  • Width: 137 cm
  • Depth: 79 cm