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Patchwork Fabric 3 Seater Ravello Sofa

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• Modern, contemporary design
• Comes with additional accent cushions
• 3-seater appropriate for larger seating areas
• Upholstered in vibrant polyester patchwork fabric
• Foam-filled seats and backrest for enhanced comfort

Patchwork items vary in pattern layout but keep the same overall design.

The Patchwork Fabric 3 Seater Ravello Sofa is a reflection of contemporary furniture design that embraces a vibrant, playful aesthetic. Dressed in a vivid patchwork fabric, this modern sofa offers an appealing contrast of colours that bring a dash of energy and uniqueness into any interior. The array of colours is accentuated by the fabric's inherent sheen, creating an alluring visual impact that makes this small sofa a centrepiece in your living space.

The compact size of this 3 seater sofa is ideal for those looking to optimise space while maintaining style and comfort. Its modern design combines an eye-catching visual appeal with functionality. The slim profile is perfect for smaller spaces, while the foam-filled seats and backrest ensure you and your guests have a comfortable place to sit.

Every detail of the Patchwork Fabric 3 Seater Ravello Sofa is carefully considered. It includes additional accent cushions that contribute to its comfort and enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. The upholstery, crafted from durable polyester, ensures that the vivid colours of this patchwork sofa remain vibrant and resistant to wear and tear.

Versatility is another essential feature of this modern sofa. For larger spaces or families, the sofa is also available as a 2-seater, providing more room without compromising the attractive design. This multicoloured sofa makes a compelling statement, showcasing a unique blend of modern design and vivacious hues that can rejuvenate any room.

All Love Sofas products are handcrafted and the exact size of the item may vary slightly. Due to the patchwork nature of the design, the layout and distribution of patterns may differ from the promotional pictures, making each piece a unique creation. Our items are photographed under bright studio lights, and may appear slightly darker in different environments. All of our items are fully compliant with UK fire regulations meant for personal use.


  • Height: 82 cm
  • Width: 171 cm
  • Depth: 89 cm